You can make a tremendous impact for Kids in Crisis, even if you are not participating in the Navigators Stamford KIC IT Race Series! A donation of any denomination makes a great difference to youngsters in our communities who are suffering. Consider:

  • $50 buys one week’s worth of formula and diapers for a baby in our care
  • $100 provides athletic equipment for our recreation program
  • $150 enables Kids in Crisis to present a workshop in an area elementary school that teaches kids how to protect themselves from physical and verbal abuse
  • $500 allows for a complete medical exam and mental health evaluation for a traumatized child at the TLC Health Center at Kids in Crisis
  • $1,000 provides suicide prevention training for staff
  • $2,000 will feed 20 children and teens in the shelters for one week
  • $5,000 provides yearly gas and maintenance for three Kids in Crisis vehicles to transport children to school, appointments, family visits and more

Please click the donation button below to make your gift to Kids in Crisis. We thank you for your generosity!


*Please note: If you would like your donation to benefit a specific athlete, you must do so via their FirstGiving donation page, which can be found by clicking here.